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.Our Philosophy

Access to computer science education is fundamental to participate in today’s increasingly digital world. And although the influence of technology grows daily, tech education is only accessible to a small and homogenous group.

At the Code Cooperative, we believe that providing access to computer science education to the most marginalized communities is essential to solving the world’s most complex problems. As such, we equip formerly incarcerated individuals with the skills to become not only users and consumers of technology, but also its creators.

.Program Details

Fill out our student interest form here to join our next class.
You can also text us at +1 (917) 818-0476 to sign up.

Time Commitment
16 weeks starting in October 2019
12 hours of class time per week
Thursdays & Saturdays 11am to 5pm

Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub
302 W 124th St
New York, NY 10027

No cost for participants
Our classes are completely free
Members can borrow laptops for the duration of the program
Transportation costs covered
Food & coffee at every class

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Our program

.How We Learn

We believe in the transformative power of technology education. Learning to use and build technology can lead to employment, entrepreneurship, community, art creation, and healing. Our members learn that they can contribute to the world in a positive way through developing technology that solves problems that affect them and their communities.

Our members learn:
> Essential computer and tech literacy skills (eg. how to use the Internet, send professional emails, write a resume)
> Fundamentals of coding and web development (with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
> Introductory cybersecurity and hacking
> Universal and applicable skills (problem solving and self-learning)
> The role of self-compassion, humility, and resilience in the learning process


.Our Students

Excellence in code can come from anyone. Our ideal student is anyone who is committed and eager to learn.

Requirements for participating:
> Participants must have an email address or phone number
> No previous knowledge or skill needed
> No computer required

You should apply if:
> You want to learn more about computers, technology, and the Internet
> You describe yourself as "creative" or "artistic"
> You think code isn't for you
> You think code IS for you
> You like to build things
> You like puzzles
> You have an entrepreneurial spirit
> You are "bad at math"
> You love your phone


.Computer Access

Access to a computer and the Internet is crucial to learning to code, so each of our students receives a laptop for the duration of the program.

.Community & Mentorship

The Code Cooperative is a community above all. We take care of each other, learn together, and grow together. Our mentorship model allows for a highly personalized and supportive learning experience in which our members set their own goals and work at their own pace.

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