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-- Our Philosophy --

Access to computer science education is fundamental to participate in today’s increasingly digital world. And although the influence of technology grows daily, tech education is only accessible to a small and homogenous group.

At the Code Cooperative, we believe that providing access to computer science education to the most marginalized communities is essential to solving the world’s most complex problems. As such, we equip formerly incarcerated individuals with the skills to become not only users and consumers of technology, but also its creators.

Our program

-- Program Details --

Time Commitment
10 weeks
5 hours / week for Class
5 hours / week for Office Hours (optional)

243 Canal Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY, 10013

1 : 6 teacher to student ratio
No prerequisite knowledge or skills needed
No cost to students

-- Curriculum Overview --

At the Code Cooperative, we empower our students to take part in building the solutions to the problems that affect them. All of our students design, build, and release a website that aims to address a social issue of personal importance.

Over the course of the program, our students learn valuable, practical, and applicable skills in computer literacy, technology, and programming. They work with tech professionals to build a meaningful solution to a real problem and showcase their website at the end of program Demo Day.

With the goal of building and releasing a web app, our students learn:
> Essential computer and tech literacy skills
> The fundamentals of programming, web development, and relevant technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
> Universal and applicable skills (problem solving and self-learning)
> The role of empathy, humility, and resilience in the learning process


-- Computer Access --

Access to a computer and the Internet is crucial to learning to code, so each of our students receives a laptop for the duration of the program.

-- Community & Mentorship --

We believe that a supportive community is essential to learning. As such, we foster a diverse, collaborative, and engaged student community and connect our students with mentors from the tech industry to develop meaningful and lasting relationships.

Download Our Brochure